A Film by Sue Perlgut and Nils Hoover



Your film was wonderful!  It was beautifully made, well-edited, riveting to watch. You did such a great job. Connie Cook was so inspiring. YF, Ithaca NY

That was incredible.  I knew so little about a woman who had done so much. EL, Ithaca

AMAZING job tonight!!! What a wonderful film!!!  AL, Ithaca, NY

WOW!  Your film is terrific! Engaging, broad-ranging, inspiring.  PA, Ithaca NY

Congratulations on the Connie Cook documentary, it was really well done and very interesting.  I would love for my daughter to see it some time.  MM, Ithaca NY

Connie was quite a woman before her time and not a stereotype of the kind of woman who would have been so progressive.  That may be part of her success which I think the documentary mentioned.   I loved all the old footage.  It did make me enormously sad to see how hard it was to pass the first abortion-rights legislation, and now to see how it is all being threatened again…It is so important that this documentary lives now in women’s history. GD, Kansas City, KS

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