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There are many ways you can use this film! Share it with students, organizations, colleagues or your community to create dialogue. Connie’s work is relevant today — the film can be used as an effective tool for critical discussion, which can segway into important work. Take a look at our discussion guide!

Discussion Guide – Connie Cook: A Documentary

Objective: To spark pertinent and eager discussion about local politics, reproductive health topics and women’s issues using the 2015 Documentary film Connie Cook: A Documentary. Connie Cook was a member of New York State’s Tompkins County Legislature in the 1960s and 70s and lead the fight for women’s reproductive health.

Audience: This discussion outline would be relevant to high school and college courses and events including: AP US History, US History, women’s studies, Women’s History Month, Government, and health classes/events.

Subject / Topics:

A variety of topics are addressed in the film and can be relevant for discussion depending on the focus of your course. Potential topics are:

  • Holding public office, challenges and benefits
  • Women’s reproductive rights, women’s health
  • History of reproductive rights, health and safety
  • Women as Religious Leaders
  • Women Attorneys
  • Women in Politics
  • Creating laws: political battles and persuasion
Class Design:

To get the lesson plan and potential activities download the PDF.

Community Talk Back Guide:

To get the the talk back guide download the PDF

Further Study:

Books and Films


Background of Connie


Facilitation Tips
  • Create fair air time: have a timer on each table, use a talking stick
  • When you to talk about a sensitive topic be respective of all opinions
  • Keep the discussion moving, if it gets off track bring it back to the core discussion and ask another person a related question
  • Have backup questions in case the discussion falters

For more facilitation tips GO TO: Teach a Girl to Lead, Rutgers University

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